Axkid Minikid 4

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Axkid Minikid 4


Minikid 4 is a secure and spacious car seat with extensive smart features designed with a Swedish safety mindset. With up to 30cm legroom, dynamic headrest technology, and easy 60-second installation, the Minikid 4 is flexible and adaptable to your child’s needs, making it a family hero


This is Axkid Minikid 4

Rear-facing for even longer – Discover the newest addition to the award-winning extended rear-facing car seat family, Axkid Minikid. With innovative and beloved features and an impressive long back length for enhanced safety and comfort, experience the ultimate in child car seat protection.


Maximised and unique range – Approved according to the newest R129 regulation, Plus tested, and allowing rear-facing up to 7 years of age (125cm and 36kg).


Dynamic headrest technology – automatically adapting to your child’s size or offering 14 fixed positions for optimal safety and comfort.”


Installation in 60 sec – Installing the Minikid 4 is effortless with its automatic lower tethers and the Easy installation system. Simply wiggle the seat into place for a secure fit.


Up to 30cm leg space – The Minikid 4 offers ample legroom without compromising on its compact design, making it ideal for both small and larger cars.


Let us tell you a little bit more about Minikid 4

The Minikid 4 is a secure and spacious car seat with extensive smart features. The Minikid is designed with a Swedish safety mindset into its DNA allowing real extended rear-facing up to 125cm and 36kg. For maximum safety, Axkid Minikid 4 has passed the world’s toughest crash test – the Swedish Plus Test.


Challange lengths and weight limits for rear-facing car seats

Rear-facing car seats are proven to be up to five times safer than forward facing. Therefore, an increase on the back length has been created on the Minikid 4 by approximately 10 cm (!!) compared to its precursor (Minikid 2). This huge increase in back length together with the weight limit of the impressive 36kg allows your child to travel rear-faced for the longest period.


A family hero through time

The Axkid Minikid 4 is the latest addition to our range of innovative, safe and Swedish Plus tested car seats. Building on the success of the Minikid concept, which has been a family hero in many countries for more than 10 years, we’ve made several key updates to enhance your child’s comfort and safety during car journeys.


What sets the Minikid 4 apart from its predecessor is the improved comfort and safety features. The brand-new textile is now even softer and more breathable, providing your child with a comfortable seating experience. The new textile design also includes a detachable comfort back pad that is optional and available to optimise the experience of the car seat. We’ve also re-designed the headrest geometry to improve the fitting and position for your child, offering support to the child’s head and neck. The toddler support cushion has also been updated to enhance the support for the smallest children and achieve the ideal and safest position in the car seat.


Force absorbing technology


The Axkid Minikid 4 headrest is specially designed to protect and support your child’s head and neck in the case of a collision. The geometry and material of the headrest effectively absorbs the crash forces before reaching your child, ensuring the highest level of safety.


Long range Safety Program


We offer safe and comfortable extended rear-facing for up to 7 years. Rear-facing is up to 5 times safer, ensuring quality, crash-safety, handling, and ergonomics are all considered. Comfortable travel is enabled for your child up to the age of 7 with our specially designed rear-facing car seats


Toddler support cushion


The Axkid Minikid 4 comes with an additional insert for young children that offers both support and comfort. This cushion is made of memory foam and mesh fabric. It’s recommended for children between 61-105cm tall, ensuring they sit comfortably and correctly in the seat.


Easy installation system


Installing the Axkid Minikid 4 is made easy with the on-seat installation guide, consisting of 6 step-by-step signs. With only one belt clam and automatic lower tethers, the seat can be quickly and securely installed in your car.


Dynamic headrest technology


Axkid Minikid 4 features a dynamic headrest technology, ensuring optimal positioning for your child. The innovative car seat features an internal harness and headrest that adjust automatically to the child’s length and size. The harness strap triggers the headrest to adjust, providing a comfortable and safe fit for your little one. Get peace of mind with Axkid Minikid 4.




Axkid’s ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection) has been engineered with a well-known German crash institute to provide premium protection to your child during a side-impact collision. ASIP should be used on the side of the car seat facing the car door. It is not necessary to use ASIP when the car seat is used in the middle.


Automatic lower tether


The Minikid 4’s automatic lower tethers allow for a smooth and secure installation, with the seat easily “wiggled” into place. The tethers ensure the seat stays securely in place, preventing it from becoming loose over time and making every day handling effortless.


Long duration textile


The Minikid 4 seat cover boasts a 2-way stretch fabric. The covers are machine-washable, simple to remove, and crafted from non-toxic textiles, making them both easy to clean and safe for your child.


Sleep Well System


Traveling with your child should be comfortable and safe. Axkid Minikid 4 offers multiple recline positions, to find a comfortable position for your child and to reduce the risk of your child’s head falling forward. Plus, the recline system also helps to match the angle of your vehicle seat, ensuring optimal comfort and safety for your child.



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