Axkid Movekid

£380.00 (Including VAT)


Axkid Movekid


A brand new addition to Axkid extended rear-facing family.


Rear-facing up to 36kg! / 125cm

R129 approved

Swedish Plus Tested by launch


Budget friendly, simplified version of much loved Minikid 4, without the automatically adjustable headrest feature and self-tensioning tether straps,  still the same superior safety performance and comfort for your little one.



Movekid offers:


• Extended Rear-Facing: Ensures amplified protection up to 36kg, aligning with top safety standards.


• Affordable Excellence: Unparalleled protection that intertwines quality with affordability.


• Swedish Plus Tested: Certified for utmost protection, meeting rigorous safety standards.


• Adaptable Comfort: Comes with an extra support and comfort inlay, ensuring evolving comfort for growing children.


• Space-Savvy Design: Crafted for spacious comfort while maintaining a compact, practical form to fit in even the smallest cars.


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Granite, Tar

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