TinySeats Two

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TinySeats Two


Never leave safety behind even on holiday!


TinySeats Two is a Swedish, innovative, high-quality car seat that has safety, comfort and flexibility in focus.

The car seat is foldable and can adapt to different stages of your child’s growth, providing long-lasting value in a compact format.

TinySeats Two is foldable and compact also easily convertible from rear-facing to booster.


TinySeats stands at the forefront of innovation and quality in car seat solutions, prioritizing not only comfort but, most importantly, safety. Our commitment to child safety is unwavering, reflected in our dedication to creating flexible, safe, and sustainable car seats for children.


At TinySeats, our approach to car seat design revolves around three key principles: ease of installation, flexibility, and sustainability. We understand the importance of making the installation process hassle-free for parents while ensuring the utmost safety for their little ones. Moreover, our focus on flexibility allows our car seats to adapt to different stages of a child’s growth, providing long-lasting value for families. This car seat is designed with longevity in mind, encouraging long-term use to minimize environmental impact.


One of the hallmarks of TinySeats are our unique features, including convertible and foldable designs. These innovative features not only enhance convenience but also prioritize safety, such as our emphasis on rear-facing travel for optimal protection.


TinySeats are designed to encourage long-term use with emphasis on rear-facing travel for enhanced safety.



Grows with your child:

Rear-facing (61-125 cm, ≤ 23 kg) and Booster (106-135 cm)

Hassle-free and secure installation with ISOFIX.

30 seconds from folded in the boot to installed.

Lightweight and foldable

(10 kg, 43x51x28 cm)

Durable and washable cover

Steel frame and side impact protection

provide robust defense against collisions

Committed to highest safety

Exceeds UN R129 standards.





•Reinforced side protection

•Steel frame for increased safety

•Ventilation in the backrest

•Washable and replaceable upholstery

•Reinforced shoulder pads


•Audio / visual indicators

•Weighs 10 kg

•ISOFIX for quick and safe installation

•Approved for rear-facing passengers up to 23 kg or about 6 years (ISOFIX).

•Approved for forward facing passengers up to 135 cm or approximately 10 years and unlimited weight (ISOFIX/car seat belt).


Safety certification: UN R129/03

Warranty: 2 year warranty

Colour: Midnight grey

Weight: 10 kg

Age: 9 months-10 years



Fits length and weight:

Rear facing: 61-125 cm max 23 kg

Front facing: 106-135 cm. No weight limit.



Folded (WxDxH): 43x51x28 cm

Seat width: 30 cm

Seat depth: 32 cm

Adjustable backrest: 46-60 cm



Polyester, steel, aluminium, polypropylene (EPP), ABS styrene, polyamide, TPR rubber.



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