Forward facing 3-year-old saved only by a miracle

It brakes my heart to share tragic stories, however some stories, no matter how drastic they are, they simply have to be told. Many times I’ve heard: “all car seats are same”, “they’ll do the job anyway”, “if they weren’t safe, they wouldn’t be on the market”, “it’s just marketing”, “it’s only for a school […]

Making their journeys safe and comfortable

In the rearward facing car seats children usually propping their legs up on a vehicle seat, sitting cross-legged, or hanging their legs over the side of a car seat. In the forward facing position, with nowhere to rest their feet, kids may experience discomfort leading even to many safety issues during a car journey. Dangling […]

The most common car seat mistakes

Even the best in crash tests, most expensive car seat won’t protect your child if installed or used incorrectly. Always read the instructions carefully and follow the advice. Visit your local specialist to get your car seat tested before buying and regularly checked. The most common car seats errors: 1) Incompatibility (car seat doesn’t fit […]

Why rearward facing is 5 times safer for children

When sitting in a forward-facing car seat, the upper body is thrown forward in the moment of the crash until the seat belt stops the speed, but the head continues to move forward at the same speed as the car was travelling before the crash. A heavy weight and force is then placed on the […]


Every year Stiftung Warentest organises the most comprehensive car-seat test in Europe together with ADAC the ICRT which is the “International Consumer Research Organization” that also owns the Euro Ncap test. The ADAC test is published in many consumer magazines such as “Which” in England, “Råd och Rön” in Sweden and “Die Autowelt” in Germany. […]

Swedish Plus Test- the toughest crash test in the world

The Swedish Plus an optional test was founded in 2009 to encourage manufacturers of child car seats to develop safer seats as a result of concern that European seats were not crash tested to a sufficient standard to be sold in Sweden. The main creator of this test was Tommy Pettersson, Head of the VTI […]

Regulations and crash tests

All car seats have to conform to safety standards and pass a regulation test (either ECE R44/04 or R129) for them to be sold legally. ECE R44/04 The R44 safety regulation has its roots in the 1980s with somewhat outdated basic safety tests. The current updated version of R44 is ECE R44/04 which came into […]

R 129 and i-Size

All car seats in the EU has to pass a certain standardised test before they can be sold to consumers. The R129 is the latest standardised test and was introduced in 2013 as a complement to the older ECE R44 certificate. The main ideas behind introducing the R129 certification was to make it easier to […]